So how much do Design Services cost?

I work at three, tiered hourly rates that are based on the level of service provided for specific design tasks, which is what I base all of my estimates on. I’m happy to provide as much or as little assistance as you’d like, but do require a $200 retainer for smaller projects, and a $500 retainer for projects estimated at over $2,000. The retainer is credited to your final invoice. Besides the retainer, I don’t have any project budget or size requirements.

Depending on the size of your project and how it develops, we can discuss whether billing hourly, a flat fee, or a fee based on percent of construction would be more economical in the long run.

Architectural Consulting @ $150/hr:

Major Space Planning and Concept Design (such as designs for new construction, or floor plans for an entire level)
Elevation and Major Design Element Development (such as built-ins or complex details like a fireplace surround and mantle)
Code Review
In Person Client Meetings
Construction Administration (such as on site review of work during construction)

Interior Design @ $120/hr:

Furniture Plans and Design Concepts (such as layouts for specific areas and defining the style of furnishings and finishes)

Tertiary Tasks @ $100/hr:

Field Measuring and Verifying Existing Conditions
Computer Drafting and Production Drawings (such as drawing existing plans or developing permitting sets)
Finishes and Furniture Sourcing
Project Management Tasks (such as correspondence with the client and project team, creating schedules and specifications, and project related research)

Please contact me if you have questions about specific Architectural or Interior Design Services. While I won’t be able to give you a complete estimate until learning more about your project during a Complimentary Consultation, I can provide you with a general cost range for services based on previous projects.