Whether small or large, all architectural projects begin with a complimentary consultation where we’ll discuss your goals for the new space, existing conditions, projected budget, and an estimated schedule.

After our initial meeting I’ll provide you with an estimate of services with a proposed fee schedule and a draft contract. If you decide you’d like to move forward, work will begin once the Owner and Architect Contract is finalized and your deposit has been paid.

Architectural Consulting

Have a small project or need help making decisions as you work with a contractor? I know many families may not need to work with an Architect for the entirety of their project, but would like to get professional insight on important design issues. I’m happy to work with you at an hourly rate.

Floor Plan review to discuss Space Planning and Circulation
Product Research and Material Selections
Casework and Cabinetry Design
AV Design & Equipment Selection for Family Rooms and Home Theaters
Permit Drawings

Architectural Design and Construction Administration

Larger projects follow a 4-step process, and fees are usually based on a percent of construction cost, with payments made at agreed upon project milestones.

Verifying Existing Conditions – Before design can begin, the existing conditions of the project site need to be verified and documented. For new construction this means getting an accurate site survey and arranging soil testing, and for additions and renovations it also means field measuring the existing space. At this stage, we will also confirm the zoning requirements of the site and research any HOA or community design regulations. With this information accurate AutoCAD files can be created to build upon during the design process.
Design Development – This phase begins with a design meeting where we’ll continue the conversation started during the complimentary consultation. We’ll develop a program for your project, defining the functional requirements that need to be met, and we’ll also talk about stylistic and aesthetic details to incorporate so the project reflects your family’s personality and responds to its surroundings. I’ll then develop concepts that we’ll review – both in person and via email. After receiving your comments the drawings will be further refined, honing in on a single scheme, until you are satisfied with the design. This scheme will be developed enough so a detailed, preliminary pricing estimate can be obtained from an agreed upon contractor. Regardless of whether you’re planning for Interior Design services, during this phase we’ll also discuss concepts for furniture placement, lighting, and finish selections to make sure that all spaces meet your needs.
Construction Documents – Once a single design concept has been approved, I’ll begin developing the additional drawings needed for contractor bids, permitting, and construction. Major design changes during this phase should be limited, as coordinating changes through all of the drawings requires considerable time and increased project costs. The details from this set will allow contractors and suppliers to prepare competitive proposals, as well as lead them through the construction process. The drawings and specifications developed will clearly define what is expected from the contractor in terms of materials, quality of workmanship, and proportion. Included in the drawings will be descriptions of the foundations, framing, floor plans, elevations (interior and exterior), door and window schedules, finish selections and specifications.
Construction Administration – After the construction drawings have been completed, I will assist you with interviewing and selecting a contractor. This includes requesting and reviewing fixed bid proposals, and once you’ve selected a contractor, helping prepare an industry standard AIA Owner-Contractor agreement. During the construction process, it’s the Architect’s role to review the progress of construction and confirm that is meets the standards agreed upon in the contract. This includes periodic visits to the project site as well as being available to the contractor and subs to answer any questions that might arise during construction. After every visit to the site, a Field Report will be issued and as the project nears completion, I will prepare a Punch List of items that need to be completed by the Contractor and approved by the Owner and Architect before completion and final payment.

So how long does a typical project take? It’s hard to say because, really, there are no typical projects! Contact me to setup a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your unique project and I can answer questions specific to your situation.